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A daily chart inside bar will look like a ‘triangle’ on a 1 hour or 30 minute chart time frame. They often form following a strong move in a market, as it ‘pauses’ to consolidate before making its next move. However, they can also form at market turning points and act as reversal signals from key support or resistance levels. A pin bar pattern consists of one price bar, typically a candlestick price bar, which represents a sharp reversal and rejection of price. The pin bar reversal as it is sometimes called, is defined by a long tail, the tail is also referred to as a “shadow” or “wick”.

  • An outside bar pattern is the polar opposite of an inside bar.
  • A bearish key reversal bar opens above the high of the previous bar and closes below its low.
  • Therefore, there is an increased chance that it will be the Final Bull Flag before there is a correction lasting at least a few bars .
  • You want to add some variables to any trading strategy that utilizes an outside bar.
  • The pin bar has a small body, a long candle wick which is at least twice the size of the entire candle, and a small candle wick opposite the long candle wick.

His focus is on the technical side of trading filtering in a macro overview and credits a handful of traders that have heavily influenced his relaxed approach to trading. Shane started day trading Forex but has since transitioned to a swing/position focus in most markets including commodities and futures. This has allowed less time in front of the computer without an adverse affect on returns. For the bullish pattern, the market found support below the low of the previous bar. Not only that, the support was strong enough to push the bar to close higher than the previous bar. A bearish reversal bar pattern goes above the high of the last bar before closing lower.

Using Engulfing Bar Patterns with Support & Resistance

If a short sell entry is taken on the bearish outside candlestick pattern the buy to cover stop loss could be on a close back above the highs of the large candle. The best use of this pattern in trading is to create a good risk/reward ratio on entry with a tight stop loss versus a larger profit target or letting a trade run with a trailing stop. Trader you could look to use the surrounding support or resistance levels to set your stop loss. For example; if entering a bearish outside bar you may look to place you stop loss above the closest resistance level.

  • Sometimes they occur when you are looking for a major reversal and you are very confident that there will be a large, strong reversal.
  • One of the best trade management technique is to use trailing stops behind the low if its a buy order and above the high if its a sell order.
  • Definition 1, which does not consider the wicks, allows too many setups of inadequate quality.
  • Notice how the price was on an uptrend before the bullish outside pattern appeared.

If I want to see decisive moves, I look for candles with short wicks. In this definition of an Engulfing pattern, I want to see at least the second candle with short wicks, but preferably in both candles for a more powerful signal. To keep the wicks short, I like the body to be at least two-thirds of the entire candle length .

How to Identify the Outside Bar?

The Engulfing pattern also made the support level a “triple bottom” pattern, i.e., three touches on the support line—a powerful chart pattern in itself. Trading with the trend is arguably the best way to trade any market. A pin bar entry signal, in a trending market, can offer a very high-probability entry and a good risk to reward scenario.

The first, and perhaps most popular, is entering the pin bar trade “at market”. That simply means you enter the trade at the current market price. The tail of the pin bar shows the area of price that was rejected, and the implication is that price will continue to move opposite to the direction the tail points. Thus, a bearish pin bar signal is one that has a long upper tail, showing rejection of higher prices with the implication that price will fall in the near-term. A bullish pin bar signal has a long lower tail, showing rejection of lower prices with the implication that price will rise in the near-term. Here’s another example of trading an inside bar against the recent trend / momentum and from a key chart level.


If you are more conservative you could look to use the standard stop loss method. This method involves placing the stop loss above the high or low of the candlestick. For example if you are looking to go long from a bullish outside bar you could place your stop loss below the low of the candlestick. This will often give you a much safer stop loss point, but it will also often be a bigger stop loss level.

The overall trend direction is up and the daily chart, using the weekly context of outside candle, gives you places to buy and either sell out or tighten stops. After several days, the price opens lower with some more downside which originally would have had the candlestick red. That helps bring in sellers and gives confidence to those who are already short.

Turn Your Trades into Winners!

You may even be catching a full trend reversal if you are catching them on daily charts and above. It may take a while before you can start to see some profits on your trades. This is because the outside bar has already moved a great deal and the next 2-3 candlesticks may be digesting the move that just happened. We all see how after a run in price, it seems that price just stops moving. This is a sign that market is experiencing an interim expansion in price volatility or range, which does obviously gives way to a breakout or continuation in trend.

That means outside bar tradingrs should expect higher prices at least into early November, and probably for at least a measured move up based on the height of the OO. When a market is in a trading range and it gets near support or resistance, it usually goes beyond it before reversing. Al has been saying that when a market is in a trading range and it gets near support or resistance, it usually goes beyond it before reversing. EURUSD has been a very bad choppy market for the last few months but has now sprung into life, breaking out upwards.

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Another entry option for a pin bar trading signal, is entering on a 50% retrace of the pin bar. As long as you have a clear trading plan and are willing to stick to it, the outside bar trading strategy can offer traders an effective way to capitalize on market moves. The outside bar Forex trading strategy can be a great way to capitalize on market moves. With its simple rules and potential for large profits, it is an accessible strategy that many traders can benefit from.

Stop-Losses should be simply set at the opposite side of the Outside Bar candle. In the screenshot below, the price first showed a breakout buildup with inside candlesticks just underneath the resistance level and the breakout happened with a strong outside bar. The Hikkake pattern is another variation of the inside bar candlestick. As you already know, in Forex trading nothing is 100% certain.

The main difference is the outside bar being green for an uptrend/red for a downtrend. Outside reversal is a two-day price pattern that shows when a candle or bar on a candlestick or bar chart falls “outside” of the previous day’s candle or bar. This chart pattern is commonly employed by technical analysts who seek to identify points in the price action which imply a bullish or bearish reversal of an existing trend.

You should aim to risk no more than 1-2% of your trading account on any given trade. Position sizing involves determining the amount of capital you will allocate to a single trade. This is an important factor to consider because it affects the potential profit and potential loss of the trade.

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The rules are similar to the first definition, except now I want a candle’s wicks to engulf the previous candle’s wicks. I still want to see a red candle followed by a green candle for a bullish setup or the other way around for a bearish setup. Outside Bar Forex Trading Strategy is a price action candlestick pattern for the Forex market, Futures or any other market you choose to trade. True outside days/period/bar also require intraday movement from the open to the close of the two days/periods/bars that is pointed in opposite directions . A trader can also enter a pin bar signal by using an “on-stop” entry, placed just below the low or above the high of the pin bar.


For a bullish outside bar we need to see it form at a swing low and for price to finish higher and in the top 1/3 of the candle. For a bearish outside bar we need to see it formed up at a swing high and for price to close in the bottom 1/3 of the candle. To be a valid outside bar pattern the candlestick needs to have a higher high and a lower low than the previous candlestick. When price has a higher high and a low low it is completely ‘outside’ the previous candle. This is a 15 min chart of the stock MCK and we are looking at a bigger picture uptrend. The outside bar takes out the low of the red candle and then immediately reverses to the upside.

Let’s discuss where we would place the stop loss order when trading the pin bar candle. We live in a 40 – 60% world, and the market constantly probes support and resistance. Probability goes up in breakouts and down in trading ranges. The bears want a higher high double top major trend reversal with the September high but the 4 strong bull bars after a 6-bar bear microchannel was a low probability event. A surprise typically has at least a small 2nd leg sideways to up. If the trading range lasts 20 or more bars, the probability of a reversal into a bear trend begins to get close to 50%.

The first thing to keep in mind is using other factors in your favor when looking for a potential outside bar trade. See the example below; price has a clear higher high and also a clear lower low than the previous candlestick. When used correctly the outside bar can lead to explosive and highly profitable trades.

Once it ends, the bull trend typically converts into a trading range. The recent pullback followed 5 consecutive bear bars, which means relentless selling. That increases the chance that the bulls will need at least a micro double bottom before they can get a reversal up. Yes, most traders accept the definition of an outside bar to be the same as an engulfing bar.

It’s a good starting point to understand how the Engulfing setup works. Nial Fuller is a Professional Trader & Author who is considered ‘The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. He has a monthly readership of 250,000+ traders and has taught over 25,000+ students since 2008. The prior bar, the bar before the inside bar, is often referred to as the “mother bar”. You will sometimes see an inside bar referred to as an “ib” and its mother bar referred to as an “mb”.

Since the inside day candle is also the smallest of the last four daily sessions, this means that the range is relatively tight and it is likely to break out with a sharp reaction. As you see, it closes right below the tiny lower wick of the pin bar. This creates a short signal on the chart based on our rules. When you spot a valid pin bar on the chart you should be aware of when to enter a trade. There are many different entry and exit strategies around pin bars, and in the following section, I will discuss one of these timing strategies as an example. Therefore, we can conclude that this pin bar is not a valid signal, since there is no real price rejection evidence to foretell a reversal of the bearish trend.

The main advantage of this strategy is its simplicity and the potential for large moves by trapping traders. However, it also has some drawbacks such as large stop-loss distances, which can lead to small position sizes, and the abundance of outside bars on charts that may not be meaningful. You can target previous swing high points for a buy order or previous swing low points for a sell order. Alternatively, you can use a risk-reward ratio to calculate your take-profit target. For example, if your initial risk is 50 pips, your take profit target should be at a price level that will give you a 150-pip profit.


Note that the consolidation resembles a symmetrical triangle. The upper https://forexhero.info/ of this chart pattern could be used to close our short trade in this case. However, the longer wick doesn’t stick out below the price action.

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A Small Pullback Bull Trend is a bull trend where the pullbacks are small. Al has said that while there was a 50% chance that the Small Pullback Bull Trend was ending in September, there was also a 50% chance that it would continue. The strong rally over the past 3 weeks shows that the trend is intact.

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